Distribution of guitar shops in the USA

ow far is your nearest guitar shop? Is the lack of local shops driving you to buy over the internet, or to make trips to the big city to get your guitar gear? We have generated a map of the US guitar shops in the guitar-list database, to show how the guitar shops are distributed among states.

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[Statistical Health Warning! This map only reflects the shops entered so far, there could be a bias in our database towards including shops from certain states].

In general the west coast has the highest number of guitar shops per person. The rest of the country is somewhat similar, with about one shop for every 120,000 people.

Texas, and Lousiana have relatively few guitar shops, but Tennessee, Kentucky and Indiana seem to be well served compared to the surrounding area.

The state with the greatest number of shops per person is North Dakota, and with the lowest number is South Dakota. This is probably an artifact since due to the low population in the Dakotas the per-person statistic can fluctuate wildly.

The mathematical equation that predicts how many guitar shops a state should have based on it's population is:

number of shops = 0.000008 x population1.0082

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