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Biomechanical is a technical metal band based in London, UK, emerging in 2001 as part of a new wave of British metal music. Their style is unique, fusing energetic progressive technical thrash metal with elements of film-score orchestration and Pantera-like groove sections. Their influences are extremely eclectic, ranging from Metallica to Genesis, Opeth to John Williams and Strapping Young Lad to Queensryche.

In July 2007, drummer Matt C. left Biomechanical, because of 'musical differences'. He was then replaced by Jonno Lodge, a young musician from Doncaster. A few weeks later, not long before the planned release of their third album, Cannibalised, Jamie Hunt, Chris Webb and Jon Collins also left the band due to conflicts with Mainman/Singer John K. They were promptly replaced by Gus Drax, Chris Van Hayden and Adrian Lambert.

Matt C. and Chris Webb have since formed a new band (SOLSIKK) and Jamie Hunt is currently working with Pin (ex-Sikth) and the legendary Thomas Lang in a project called Within The Void.

The current band members are:
John K - vocals
Jonno Lodge - drums & percussion
Chris Van Hayden - guitar
Adrian Lambert - bass Read more about Adrian Lambert on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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