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Al Cisneros (born 1973) is an American musician from San Jose, California. He has performed bass guitar and vocals for the bands Sleep, Om, Shrinebuilder and Asbestosdeath, as well as releasing several records as a solo artist. His solo material lean more towards dub than the work he has done as a band member, but with the same religious and Middle Eastern influences and hypnotic style heard in his work with OM.

He began his musical career in 1989 by founding the punk metal band Asbestosdeath, along with Chris Hakius (drums), Matt Pike (guitar) and Tom Choi (guitar). Cisneros performed bass guitar for the band, and they released two EPs in 1990. Shortly thereafter, Choi left the band. Cisneros, Hakius and Pike changed name to Sleep.

In 1991 Sleep released their debut album, Volume One. In 1992 they released their second album, Sleep's Holy Mountain, which is widely considered a key release in the early development of stoner metal. Between 1995 and 1998, Sleep worked on what would become their final album, Dopesmoker, a single song lasting one hour. However, their record label refused to release it, and in 1998 Sleep disbanded. The album was released in shortened form in 1999, and finally in its entirety in 2003.

In 2003, Cisneros and Hakius decided to form their own band named OM, with Cisneros on bass and vocals and Hakius on drums. The band released three albums before Hakius decided to leave the band and was replaced by Emil Amos on drums. OM have since released two full length studio albums, a 7" single, a 12" live album and two 12" dub remixes by Alpha & Omega.

In December 2012 Cisneros released his first solo record named Dismas, a 7" single on the band's own Sinai imprint. Another single, Teresa of Avila, followed on Sinai in 2012, as well as the Arc Procession/Jericho 10" on Drag City. In 2014 came Toward Nazareth/Indica Field/Harvester Dub/Yerushaláyim/Version 12", also on Drag City.


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