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There are three artists/bands which goes by the name Heller:

1. Heller was Serbian thrash metal band. They were part of the Big Three (others included were the Bosnian ''Bombarder'' and Croatian ''Evil Blood'')

Their music is primitive and raw, and lyrics about satanism, war etc. Great band if you're into old school thrash metal.

The band was formed in 1985 by Attila (real name Atila Milojković - guitar and vocals) and Kole (real name Kosta Bogdanović - solo guitar); the others performers was Deda (real name Zoran Miladinović - bass guitar) and Müller (drums).

In 1987 the lineup changed Kole (who later worked with Amnesia is currently leader of RapidForce) was replaced by guitarist Dare (who later established band SMF aka Sick Mother Fakers), then Dane (real name Saša Danković - guitar) and Deda was replaced by Čvora (real name Dejan Čvorović) and drummer Müller was replaced by Duče. The first recordings the band made were in English language, and consisted of four live recorded tracks. In 1988 singer Žmegi (real name Senad Prašović) came to the band, and Attila assumed only the guitar playing duty.

In 1989 the band released their first and only album released through Ghost House Records. Heller featured eleven tracks, including one instrumental composition. The album was produced and arranged by Milojković and all tracks were written by himself and Čvorović. The lyrics for all tracks, except for "Dead or alive" were written in Serbian language. The album was released in only 500 copies and is today considered a rarity. It is the first Yugoslav thrash metal record and one of the first releases of the kind in South-Eastern Europe. The band also performed as an opening act for Destruction.

In 1993 the band recorded an EP recoding, featuring four tracks with lyrics in English. The tracks later appeared as bonus tracks for the 2003 CD reissue of the self-titled album by Rock Express Records. After the demo recording, the band ceased to exist.

Heller is the debut and the only studio album from former Yugoslav and Serbian thrash metal band Heller. The album was originally released in 1989 by Ghoust House Records. In 2003 the album was reissued on CD by Rock Express Records. 2003 release featured four bonus tracks from Heller's 1993 demo. The album cover art was designed by the band's bass guitarist Dejan "Čvora" Čvorović.

2. HELLER is the project of two french musicians, Eddie Ladoire and Sébastien Roux. Their music is based on the confrontation between guitar generated drones and digital processing ......

- Eddie ladoire - /e-di /
Artist - Sound designer-llives in Bordeaux.
for information visit :

-Sébastien Roux -
Sébastien Roux is a French musician living in Paris. He was in charge of development as a part of the room acoustics team at IRCAM (Paris). CHECK on google : Sebastien Roux for other information ..

3. Heller is girl with a strong passion for music that leads to founding her first band in 12 years. This year she released her first album which is a mixture of rock, pop, metal, emo reminiscent in some ways HIM. "Rock Woman" is a record that meets the modern canons of that rock-tinged dark but remains anchored to the stylistic pop charts. This mix of genres takes the form of an album containing five songs in Italian, many in English and two covers, just drawn from the pop sphere, such as "I Want Your Sex" by George Michael and "Material Girl" by Madonna. Read more about Amos Heller on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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