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"The music of Atlanta native, Adam Rhinehart, results from years of a sturdy dedication to the craftsmanship that can only be born of experience. Beneath his airy vocals, dynamic strumming and especially through the twisted phrases that make up his lyrics, you can easily detect the pain and uncertainty that are his loyal muse – childhood divorce, the sting of rejection, social anxiety. Every song, however, is assuaged by either a warm melody or a disarming wit, upending any would-be accusations as being the work of a cynic. For Rhinehart, his interest in the field has never been about the attention a musician garners but about sharing a part of himself in the most potent way he knows how. In this manner, he and his music are identical, both tangible and honest, both stripped down to their bare essentials leaving plenty of room for interpretation but none for skepticism. Though he walks the same artistic avenues of his musical heroes – among them Shawn Mullins, Jay Clifford, and John Mayer – he does so heading in the opposite direction, concentrating only on the music and ultimately presenting a laughable observation or establishing a quiet connection that few, indeed very few, musicians are able to deliver. – J. Matthew Stevens" Read more about Bill Rhinehart on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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