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There is more than one artist with this name:

1) Mayfield is the name of the band formed by Tears For Fears lead singer Curt Smith. The result is an album which showcases Smith's talent as a songwriter and producer as well as bringing a more personal touch than any other album he has been a part of during his career. This album really came out in an "underground" fashion. It was actually recorded back in 1996. Curt Smith formed his own label "Zerodisc" and the album was sold online in 1997. It wasn't until 1998 when the album hit stores. No big name record company or distribution.

The name Mayfield is a play on Curtis Mayfield's name (i.e. Curt[Smith] is Mayfield). Curt Smith had split from his partner Roland Orzabal back in 1990 and the two went their separate ways. Roland kept the Tears For Fears name and continued to record using that name. Curt put out a solo album called "Soul on Board" which he wasn't very happy with. Curt and Roland would eventually reunite back for 2004 release "Everybody Loves a Happy Ending". Curt's main partner in Mayfield is guitarist Charlton Pettus who is also the album's co-producer. When Curt and Roland would reunite, Curt would also bring Pettus along. Other band members include Russ Irwin - Keyboards/vocals, Doug Petty - Keyboards, Shawn Pelton - Drums, and of course Curt Smith on Bass.

2) Mayfield drummer Mike Hollins and singer/guitarist Brian Kelly got together in Chicago in 2000. Previous demos and their self-titled full-length, along with minor line-up changes, were merely preparation for a sound that would eventually evolve from that of suburban high school pop-punk, to a working band. Mayfield's commitment to writing and performing while simultaneously juggling high school and work resulted in a strong fan base within the Chicago area.

With the release of their debut full length album, 2004's "I Wont Make a Sound", Mayfield's sound reached a new level of maturity, symbolic of their readiness to dive head-first into the world of non-stop national touring. The success has gained Mayfield nationwide credibility and the opportunity to play shows all over the country. A combination of up-beat tempos along with edgy emotional breakdowns creates a perfect balance, as Mayfield taps into new influences outside of pop-punk.

Mayfield broke up in late 2005 after 5 years together.

3) Mayfield was an alternative rock band from Adelaide, South Australia formed in 2004. Members included Zigg West, Sam Knight and Jett. The trio toured Australia, USA, UK and Europe.

4) Mayfield, a folk-rock band from San Diego, CA, consisting of members Benjamin Bartel and Erin Lancaster. Read more about Curt Smith on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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