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Amphibious Assault began when 17-year-old, former Kittie guitarist, Fallon Bowman was on a plane from Ontario to New Jersey, skimming through a Tom Clancy novel when she came upon the term amphibious assault. Bowman, who had entertained thoughts of a new musical project, thought the term would be a great name for an industrial band.

Bowman would go on to record several tracks with Pigface for the band's 2003 album, Easy Listening. Her enjoyment of the recording experience, led her to begin writing music again. She purchased a sequencer and began exploring the industrial genre that she had always admired but never actively pursued. In the months that followed, Bowman's basement filled with drum machines and synthesizers. From her basement, she crafted the songs that would make up Amphibious Assault's debut album, District Six, released on The Orchard label. Bowman's former Kittie bandmate, bassist Talena Atfield, has also contributed to Amphibious Assault, as has bassist Pete Henderson.

Amphibious Assault's second album has been completed and was originally scheduled for a June, and then an August, 2005 release but has been delayed, largely due to Bowman's school schedule. Her scheduled live shows with Pigface, for their 2005 tour, were also affected by the schedule. She occasionally updates her fans through her blog on the Amphibious Assault website [1] but it appears there will be some time before the album is actually released. In February of 2006, Bowman announced that she was applying for studies abroad which will cause Amphibious Assault to remain inactive.

On January 10, 2007, Bowman announced, on the Amphibious Assault's website, that the second album, On Better Days and Sin Eating, was now available to purchase. The album was limited to 500 physical copies but was also made available via digital download. She also confirmed that this album would be the last release under the Amphibious Assault name and that a new project, with a different, guitar driven sound, is expected in the future.
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