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Frank Iero (pronounced “eye-ear-oh” ) (born October 31, 1981) is a singer-songwriter most well known as the rhythm guitarist and back up vocalist for the alternative rock band My Chemical Romance. Iero is the vocalist of Death Spells and Leathermouth and is currently focusing on his current project frnkiero andthe cellabration. He also owns a music label/publishing company called B.CALM Press.

Iero grew up in Belleville, New Jersey. He grew up with his mom, Linda, who divorced his dad (a great influence to him over the years). He went to Rutgers University on a scholarship, but dropped out to join My Chemical Romance. He has played in various bands since he was eleven years old. In addition to his band Pencey Prep, Frank also played with the bands Hybrid, Sector 12, I Am a Graveyard, and briefly with Give Up the Ghost.

Iero uses an Epiphone Elitist Les Paul Custom guitar with an Antique White finish. One of his many guitars sports the name Pansy which appeared in the 2006 My Chemical Romance calendar and is also a nickname of his, although recently, Pansy was broken by an MTV guitar tech. Iero has named many of his guitars; some of these names include "Bella", "Texas", "Sinatra", "Pansy", "Angel", "New" and "Jersey". He has been seen playing Angel on several TV appearances and the guitar makes a cameo on Life on the Murder Scene. He admires Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, and learned to play the guitar by imitating him.

Besides his work with various bands, Iero has already released several solo tracks, including "This Song is a Curse" on the Frankenweenie soundtrack, and a number of digital singles: "xmas sux" (2012), "Be My Baby" (2013), "Walk The Line" (2013), and "B.F.F." (2014). "Be My Baby" and "Walk The Line" were also released together on the vinyl-only single, "For Jamia" which was first printed in a limited run of only 400 copies, 100 of them signed, and a second printing for Record Store Day in April 2014 which was limited to an additional 500 copies. The song "B.F.F." features guest vocals by Iero's twin daughters, Cherry and Lily. Iero has stated the song was co-written with 3-year-old Lily Iero. Read more about Frank Iero on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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