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There are at least twelve artists which use this name:
1. A melodic hardcore band from Russia
2. A country band from Oklaholma, United States
3. A heavy metal band from the United Kingdom
4. An indie rock band from Turkey
5. A hardcore band from Michigan, United States
6. A rapper from California, United States
7. A progressive rock band from Germany
8. A soca musician from the Caribbean
9. A rapper from the United Kingdom
10. A punk band from Canada
11. Post-punk / new wave band from Japan
12. A Hard Rock band from Germany

1. Russian underground punk/melodic hardcore band from Moscow. + +

2.Ricochet is a country band from Oklahoma best known for their #1 hit "Daddy's Money" (1996).

Ricochet emerged in the spring of 1996 to become one of the most successful new country groups, spending the better part of the year in the Top 40 of the country charts. The band formed in 1993, when drummer Jeff Bryant invited singer/guitarist Heath Wright to join his group Lariat, which also featured Bryant's brother Junior (fiddle/mandolin). Lariat disbanded soon after Wright joined, but he and the Bryants decided to try again under the name Ricochet. They held auditions to complete the band, and several members floated through it in the ensuing months. By the beginning of 1994, the final lineup had fallen into place with the addition of Greg Cook (bass, backing vocals), Teddy Carr (steel guitar), and Eddie Kilgallon (keyboards, rhythm guitar, saxophone, backing vocals). For the next two years, Ricochet toured the South and the West Coast, building up a fan base and developing its energetic, edgy neo-traditional sound. They often spent their downtime rehearsing and writing songs.

The group's original manager was friends with record producer Ron Chancey, who was known for his work with the Oak Ridge Boys. Chancey heard the group and arranged for them to cut a demo. He directed the tape to his son Blake, A&R director for Columbia Records in Nashville. After hearing Ricochet live, Blake Chancey and a handful of other Columbia executives decided to sign the band to a development deal under the direction of producer Ed Seay (Martina McBride, Collin Raye). In early 1995, the deal turned into a full-fledged record contract, and during the spring, the group recorded their first album. For the rest year, they toured the country as a supporting act for Merle Haggard, Doug Stone, and Charlie Daniels.

Ricochet's eponymous debut album, produced by Ron Chancey and Ed Seay, was released in early 1996. Preceded by the Top Five hit single "What Do I Know," the album was a hit and stayed on the charts for more than a year as "Daddy's Money" hit number one and "Love Is Stronger Than Pride" reached the Top Ten. The follow-up album, Blink of an Eye, was released the very next year, but it was a commercial disappointment, even though it produced three minor chart singles. Ricochet charted modestly with another three songs in 1998-1999, tracks intended for an album to be called What a Ride that was not released. In the meantime, the band underwent personnel changes. Jeff Bryant, suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, left the drum chair, succeeded by Tim Chewning in August 1999, and Shannon Farmer replaced Teddy Carr on steel guitar. Meanwhile, Richochet retooled its third album, finally releasing it in September 2000 as What You Leave Behind.

3. . (NWOBHM quartet) RICOCHET
The band’s sole release during their life-time was the excellent “Midas Light” 7” single, released in 1980.
The single was recorded at Ginger Studios, Aldridge (where WITCHFINDER GENERAL recorded “Burning A Sinner”), and released as a “double B-side” with the nowhere-near-as-good flip-side, “Off The Rails”.
Just 500 copies of the single were pressed, most of which were sold at their gigs.
Later that year Ricochet toured Germany.
At the end of the tour bassist “The Finn” opted to stay on in Germany.
The other three members returned to England and formed a brand new band called THE CANERS.
“The Finn” went on to form a new band called DAMIEN, who got a German record deal.
Over the years “Midas Light” became a highly regarded classic NWOBHM single, much sought after by collectors.
Ricochet got back together for 2 weeks in 2000 and re-recorded “Midas Light” in a Coventry studio, together with some other tracks.
These tracks were made available on CD through the band’s website, as the six song “Midas Light” mini-album.
However the band members then went their seperate ways again.
In 2005 “The Finn” was managing a music festival in Northampton, where he arranged for Ricochet to make a guest appearance.
They played “Midas Light”, “Dreadnought” and “Off The Rails”, and went down a storm.
In 2010 the band members converged to live on the outskirts of Birmingham, for the first time in 30 years.
After meeting up for a beer it transpired that they all missed the Ricochet times and decided to give it one more throw of the dice.
The revived band have recorded a new single, “The Blue Eyed Beggar & The Teenage Captain”, and are reportedly working on a full length album.

4.A Turkish Lo-Fi/Indie band which had an e.p. called Capt. Ahab . They've released their debut album in May 2010 from Peyote music called "The Burning One" which includes awesome tunes.

5. Detroit hardcore from the early-mid 90s.

6. Rapper from San Diego who has a mixtape titled "A Walk In My Shoes..." available for free download.

7. A german Progressive Rock band from Hamburg

8. A Soca Artist from the Caribbean.

9. Ricochet is one third of the London hip-hop crew Universal Soldiers. He is prone to drop dope multi-syllable rhyming styles and accurate descriptions of inner-city life.

10. An punk band from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

11. New wave / post-punk band from Japan. Released an EP record in 1985 under Zero Records and Toypick.

12. Hard Rock band from Germany.
The band recorded 4 records so far. The latest is called "Lovers & Sinners" and got released in 2021.

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