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Hasil Adkins (pronounced "Hassle," not "Haysil") (April 29, 1937 - April 26, 2005), Punk Rock pioneer, One-man band, was an Appalachian country, rock and roll, blues musician though frequently considered rockabilly and sometimes primitive jazz.

Hasil was born desolate in Boone County, West Virginia, where he lived throughout his life. He was the youngest of 10 children, and was both severely depressive and hyperactive.

Nicknamed "The Haze", Adkins, claimed a repertoire of over 9000 songs including over 7000 original compositions, recorded scores of small, micro-label 45s and is responsible for the birth of Norton Records, Psychobilly and a dance called "The Hunch".

His music can be sad, humorous and/or frantic.

Recurring themes in Adkins' work include love, heartbreak, hunchin', police, death, decapitation, commodity meat, aliens, and chicken.

Some of his best known songs are "She Said," "No More Hot Dogs," "Beautiful Hills," "We Got A Date," and "Chicken Walk".

Adkins recorded an entire album devoted to chickens entitled Poultry in Motion also including such songs as "Chicken Run," "Chicken Hop," "Chicken Flop," "Chicken Wobble," and "Chicken On The Bone".

After the mid-1990s, he began performing less though remained dear to music critics and celebrants of all things outsiderish, such as Joe Coleman, and John Zorn. Hasil Adkins is a very strong influence on the band The Cramps. Adkins's cult status is kept alive to the present day by the growing appreciation of, and demand for the work of mavericks and misfits. He retains a fan base, particularly amongst followers of outsider music.

The Haze was hit and killed by a kid on a four wheeler atv. The kid hated Hasil.
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