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Jan Akkerman

I 100% agree that in the early 1970's and perhaps up to 1975, Jan Akkerman was the easily best commercially known electric rock guitarist in the world. He was incredibly advanced and his composition skills were very highly developed.I think it is the case that other guitarists caught up with Jan rather than him slackening off. Although I rate Mahavishnu Orchestra (some absolute Masterpieces) as easily the contemporary Jazz and fusion equivalent of the Focus Classical Rock Fusion, I will always rate Jan far higher that John McLaughlin as a Player. The only contemporary equals I have for Jan at that time were Jeff Beck, who was no where near as fast or fluid as Jan although equally creative and rather more incedinary , and Rory Gallagher who whilst remaining in the Blues idiom, was at the cutting edge of what was emotionally and physically capable given the aesthetic constructs of the time.All three were the best post Hendrix electric Pop players by far IMO. Let us ot forget Jimmy Page on his day could be as good as these three, but juggling the Led Zeppelin behemoth was always a monstrous task and taxed Jimmy severely. Many of the U.S Jazz (Jim Hall, Joe Pass ) and bluegrass players (Kentucky Colonels) were the equal and perhaps even bettered these 3 but the youth of the World was focused on the New, and Rock was the Shock of the New.