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Kevin Kane formed The Grapes Of Wrath in Kelowna, BC, with fellow teens Chris and Tom Hooper, who shared his love of the Who, the Rolling Stones, and especially the Beatles. They relocated to Vancouver in 1984 after their debut 4 song EP came out through Nettwerk Records, and went on to release 4 albums with Capitol/EMI, including the platinum-selling "Now and Again" in 1989 and "These Days" in 1991. The Grapes toured extensively throughout Canada, the US, and Europe, but disbanded in 1992. They reformed from 1998 and 2000, releasing one last album, "Field Trip" on the short-lived Song Corp label. Aside from his work with The Grapes of Wrath, Kevin released 2 solo acoustic albums, both meeting with critical acclaim and enthusiasm from Grapes fans and a whole new audience who have discovered Kevin's quiet, artful song-writing and sparse acoustic arrangements: "Neighborhood Watch" (1996) and a collection of paired-down covers, called "Timmy Loved Judas Priest" (2001). Kevin has also developed a strong reputation as a producer, working with artists like Zumpano, The Salteens, Star Collector, and Wayne Lavallee. What's remained consistent is Kevin's desire to create music with heart and write songs that capture the essence of his life experience, coupled with his intensely beautiful guitar playing. Kevin has completed recording a new solo album to be released on September 4, 2007. This is Kevin's first full-band recording since the Grapes days and finds him joined by Nelson Bragg (Quarter After, Mockers, Brian Wilson Band) on drums, Stefan Bienz on upright and longhorn bass, and Christina Zaenker's layered cellos and vocals. Entitled "How To Build A Lighthouse", its Kevin's most varied and dynamic collection of music.
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