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A former bassist of Alice Cooper's band during the mid eighties, Kip Winger went on to form Winger together with guitarist Reb Beach, keyboard/guitarist Paul Taylor and drummer Rod Morgenstein (formerly of Dixie Dregs). Taking the name from its leader, Winger specialized in winning melodic metal formula, with strong influences from bands like Van Halen, AC/DC and Whitesnake

The band's eponymous debut in 1988 sold over a million copies on the strength of singles like "Seventeen" and the ballad "Headed for a Heartbreak”. Winger’s second album, 1990's “In The Heart Of The Young”, was slightly more melodic and showed a more mature and technical approach to the songs. It reached an equal success, selling over a million copies and featuring the hit power-ballad "Miles Away". Unfortunately the band didn't outlast the post-alternative pop-metal backlash and the group faded away after the release of the critically acclaimed 1993 album “Pull”.
After Winger went their separate ways, Kip decided to pursue a solo career. He started writing his own songs in a different style than to his previous band and his first album "Thisconversationseemslikeadream" was released in 1997, reflecting his new approach to songwriting with a style more akin to Peter Gabriel's music rather than to 80’s Hard Rock.

An acoustic album of past favourites, "Down Incognito" was later released in 1999. Winger followed it with his second studio solo album, 2000's "Songs from the Ocean Floor", labelled as “Masterpiece” by several music critics around the world. After another acoustic solo tour Kip started to become involved in several new projects including writing music for movies, singing for Alan Parsons and of course the very successful Winger reunion that materialized in 2006 with the release of "IV" and the subsequent world tour.

Now Kip Winger is back with his new solo album "From the Moon to the Sun": a true career defining statement and, once again, another cd which witnesses the creative evolution of the American composer.

“I am an artist that will continue to push the envelope into the direction that my ear and abilities are taking me, with no compromise”, says Kip, adding “I worked hard to make this record my best yet. For sure it is musically very diverse… Hence the title , From the Moon to the Sun".

The music offered on the record is truly a flow that has no boundaries, from the fresh rock approach of songs like “Every Story Told”, “Nothing” or “Reason To Believe”, to the Pop sensibilities of “Where Will You Go” and “California”, to the acoustic mood of “Pages and Pages” and “In Your Eyes Another Life”, down to the unbelievable instrumental piece “Ghosts”, “From the Moon to the Sun” brings the listener to a journey in a kaleidoscope of different moods.

The album sees also musical contributions from Rod Morgenstein and Ken Mary on drums, Andy Timmons and Rob Eberhard Young on guitar, Alan Pasqua on piano, Cenk Eroglu on songwriting, keyboards and guitars. Read more about Kip Winger on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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