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There are at least 7 artists named Sid:

1) SID (also written as シド) is a Japanese rock band that formed as a visual kei band in 2003 and is signed to Sony and Danger Crue Records. They signed with Danger Crue Records after releasing their first demo CD in 2003. In January 2004, support members guitarist Shinji and drummer Yuuya became official members. Sid made an impact at the Anime Central convention in the United States, gaining international fans. Their first full album, "Renai," was released in 2005.

In 2006, Sid reached the Oricon top ten with their single "Chapter 1" and performed at Nippon Budokan. In 2008, they signed with Sony Records and released their debut major single, "Monokuro no Kiss," the opening theme for "Black Butler." Their debut concert at Nippon Budokan sold out in record time.

In 2009, they continued to make waves with hits like "Uso," the ending theme for "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood." Their first major album, "Hikari," dropped, along with singles like "One Way."

In 2010, Sid released the single "Sleep" in March and announced a performance at Saitama Super Arena in July. Their song "Rain (雨)" became the fifth opening theme and sixth ending theme for "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood." "Rain" marked Sid's first number one on the Oricon Daily charts. They also released a new single titled "Cosmetic" in September and performed at Tokyo Dome in December. In December 2010, they released "Ranbu no Melody" (乱舞のメロディ), which served as the 13th opening theme song for "Bleach."

Sid received the Top Pop Artist Award at the Billboard Japan Music Awards 2010 in February 2011. They also participated in Kuroyume's tribute album and released a DVD with footage from their live shows. Their new single, "Itsuka," reached No. 1 on the daily charts. Sid continued to release singles and DVDs in the following years, including "Fuyu no Bench" in December 2011.

In 2012, Sid performed in Singapore for the first time at the Music Matters Live 2013 event. They released their new single "Summer Lover" in July 2013. On May 24, 2013, Sid celebrated their 10th Anniversary at Yokohama Stadium. They continued to release singles and albums, such as "Enamel," which was used as the opening title in "Black Butler: Book of Circus."

In 2017, Sid created the new song "Rasen no Yume" (Spiral Dream) for the anime adaptation of "Altair: A Record of Battles." They released their first EP in 2018, "Ichiban Suki na Basho," followed by the album "Need of Approval" in 2019.

In 2021, Sid held their first online show amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2022, they composed an opening theme for "Heaven Official's Blessing." The band celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2023, releasing a comprehensive box set and officially sharing their music videos on YouTube.

2) Born and raised in Brasília, Lucas Luan, better known as Sid, is one of the big names in Brazilian rap. The 27-year-old rapper has accumulated over 300 million streams on his tracks. With expressive lyrics filled with reflections on important societal issues, the rapper consistently delivers rich lyrical content in his rhymes. Sid began his career in rap battles in the Federal District, and over the years, he gained recognition throughout Brazil, ultimately becoming the champion of the National MC's Duel in 2016, the country's largest freestyle battle. With consistent releases and a public image as a politically active artist with strong opinions, while also championing the traditional boom bap style, Sid's work also delves into reflections on mental health issues like anxiety and depression. He occasionally flirts with rock influences in some of his releases. Currently, the rapper has four albums under his belt, with the most recent one being "Coisas Que Eu Só Falaria Brincando," released in 2023, which has been his most successful to date. Sid is also known for tracks that tell fun stories accompanied by animations, such as the singles "Sítio do Tio Harry," featuring NOG, and "O Casamento," featuring Spinardi, both significant hits in his career.

3) SID is a Hungarian four-piece band (drums, bass, guitar and vocals) that has been active since May 2005. Their first album, entitled Studio was followed by four chart-topping singles Nap Felé, Pearl, Hello and Make It. The music videos of these songs are on heavy rotation on Hungarian commercial and music channels Viva TV, RTL, etc. The band is named after the lead singer and songwriter Sid, who is also one of the most recognised voices in Hungary. He is accompanied by the unique female bass player, Katy Szollossy, guitarist Andras Kenyeres, and drummer Janos Marko. SID has played many gigs on the frontline of the Hungarian music scene and opened for the band Omega in various European countries. The most memorable of these performances took place on 7 October 2006, in the Berlin Tempodrom and 11 August 2007, in Dresden. SID, influenced by the British indie sound and sing many of their songs in English.

4) Sid Hille, called Sid, is a german pianist who lives in Finland. Sid plays piano songs and has published four CDs: Dunjin's Dance (1993), To be Frank (1997), Deep North - the quiet Place (1997) and Reflections (1998). In November 1997 Sid formed the Platypus Ensemble, a Finnish jazz band.

5) Sid is a hip-hop solo project by the DJ/turntablist Sid Wilson of Slipknot. The project began in 2010.

6) SID was a DJ who competed in the 2004 DMC for Sweden.

7) SID was a Polish folk-punk band that was active in the 90s.

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