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MORRIS worked as a DJ in a few clubs in Bucharest for 4 years, managing to make many friends among the way. One of this friendships developed into a successful work relationship in 2008, when he joined forces with the extremely talented producers from PLAY & WIN. Play & Win are the three composers born in Alba Iulia, quartered in Constanta that enslaved the European Charts with Inna’s singles “Hot” and “Love”.
In the summer of 2008, ROTON released the first single MORRIS – “Till The Moning Light”. Shortly after it’s release, “Till The Morning Light” became a hit both in clubs and on the radio.
After an explosive debute, MORRIS wanted to prove that he is so much more than a “one-hit-wonder”, so in the early 2009 he released a new single called “Desire”. The song’s video was truly a visual treat, featuring quite a few beautiful girls; in the video MORRIS was able to show off his versatility: both as a singer and a DJ. “Desire” became a smash hit and it managed to exceed the romanian boarders, being broadcasted by radio stations from Russia, Poland and Spain.
The success of the his two singles, “Till The Morning Light” and “Desire” established MORRIS as an artist and his performance has been unanimous praise both by critics and by the public. Read more about Tal Morris on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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