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Wolf Maahn (* 25. März 1955 in Berlin) is a German Musician, Songwriter, Singer, Actor and Producer.

Maahn was very famous at the 80's with „Fieber“ and „Rosen im Asphalt“ and in the 90's with „Direkt ins Blut (Un)plugged“.

1982 Deserteure (Metronome)
1983 Bisse und Küsse (EMI)
1984 Irgendwo in Deutschland (EMI) D #25
1986 Kleine Helden (EMI) D #21
1986 Rosen im Asphalt Live! (EMI)
1988 Third Language (EMI) D #?
1989 Was? (EMI) D #?
1991 Maahnsinn (EMI)
1992 Der Himmel ist hier (EMI)
1994 Direkt ins Blut (Un)plugged (EMI) D #64
1995 Libero (EMI) D #80
1999 Soul Maahn (EMI) D #39
2001 Absolut – Best of (2CD) (Koch)
2003 Direkt ins Blut (Un)plugged DVD (EMI)
2004 Zauberstrassen (Universal)
2007 Direkt ins Blut 2: (Un)plugged (Libero/Rough Trade) D #71
2008 Deserteure – ReRelease plus Bonus Track (Libero/Rough Trade)
2008 Direkt ins Blut 2: (Un)plugged DVD (Libero/Rough Trade) D #21 (Musik-DVD Charts)
2010 Vereinigte Staaten D #56 Read more about Wolf Maahn on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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