Build Your Own Clone Pedal

Build Your Own Clone sells a good range of guitar DIY guitar effects pedal kits, which are great for the inexperienced maker. Each kit is based on a famous effects pedal and comes with absolutely everything you need to build the pedal. Step by step instructions should make assembly a breeze.

For first time builders there is the Confidence Booster Kit. It's a simple linear boost and buffer. But The Confidence Booster kit is designed as an introduction to basic electronics, and gives the maker a chance to practice soldering before moving on to bigger projects. What's more, if you try to make the Confidence Booster and decide that building your own effects isn't for you, you can keep the kit free of charge (less the shipping costs).

With distributors in the USA, Canada, EU, UK, Australia and Singapore, you should be able to get hold of a kit without too much difficulty. If you decide to build one: good luck and don't breathe in the solder fumes (or pick up the soldering iron by the wrong end!).

Link: Build your own clone, boutique effects pedals kits

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