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Serving Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire and the rest of the UK Midlands I specialise in Electric Guitars. These could be compared to high performance sports cars. If you want them serviced or modified it's best to take them to a specialist. Whatever your style, be it rock, metal, blues, country, jazz etc., you need an instrument that is fast and easy to play so you can concentrate on performance and not on struggling with a guitar that is not holding tune or is holding you back.

My job is to put a smile on your face every time you pick up your guitar and play!

Of course all the major manufacturers can sell you a "Custom Shop" model that has been carefully finished by an expert at stunning prices. Standard production models, even from the biggest manufacturers, have certainly not had 2 or 3 hours finishing by an expert hand. We all know why of course.

Less expensive instruments from the Far East can be very good basic instruments with excellent materials and woodwork. The final fretwork and setup can be very weak but with a little expert care they can be first class instruments. A pro guitar service and setup makes a huge difference.

Basically I offer a service that will allow you to play a guitar that:

  • Tunes perfectly and holds tune
  • Plays fast and easily with an superb action
  • Sounds superb

Full list of services / prices / lots of pics and testimonials on my website






Leicestershire Luthier
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