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Vintage Guitar Gallery of Long Island

​Vintage Guitar Gallery of Long Island is a new and exciting place for fine art collectors and guitar enthusiasts to learn more, listen to, and play fine vintage instruments in a fine art gallery inspired space. All of the instruments on display have been chosen particularly for their unique design and historical influence in creating some of the most iconic music ever recorded.

ROC Instruments

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Rated the best bass & guitar shop in Solano County. Check the Yahoo Local ratings too! Any and all repairs, setups, hotrodding and custom pedals. Channel 3 A-list rated. Former tech writer for  FRINGE magazine's GEAR GEEK column.          Call   Bob Capretto     707-685-2797         go to   or 

Sonic Sound and Light Inc.

Sonic has a great selection of todays top brands. From starter guitars, high end guitars, bass, Roland V-Drums, trust Sonic to provide superior service and quality. Sonic also has a great lesson program in guitar, bass, drum, piano and wind instruments. Sonic has the best guitar tech in Kamloops, come on down and talk to Rob to set up your guitar or help you wth any guitar problems that you may have. See you soon! 

Rock N Roll Vintage Guitars Inc

Rock N Roll Vintage is a friendly, knowledgable vintage guitar shop located in Chicago Illinois.  They offer a wide range of vintage and used guitars and amps as well as Divided by 13 and JMI amps, Ludwig Drums and loads of boutique pedals and effects.  The Rock N Roll Vintage web site has  loads of guitar and amp information, photos and of course guitars for sale.   Rock N Roll Vintage has satisfied customers world wide including customers in the U.K.

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