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Forcillo was a brand name of United Guitars, which was owned by Frank Forcillo, who had worked for John D’Angelico during his early years.  Active from the 1940s until 1960s/1970s.

Source: Acquired of the Angels: The Lives and Works of Master Guitar Makers John D'Angelico and James L. D'Aquisto. Paul William Schmidt. (1998)


Fool Audio Research was established in 2013. The company intially intended to make amplifiers but settled on making guitars instead. Circa 2017 all Fool Audio Research guitars and basses are made in China. Fool Audio also offer the Tesla Booster pedal.

Source: Fool Audio website (19 May 2017)


Fingerbone Guitar Company was established by Paul Richardson in the 1980s in Crowborough,UK.  Fingerbone instruments included the Fastback solidbody electric guitar and the Fleetwood bass and were made until around 1989.

Source: Fingerbone catalog


Fibenare Guitars was established in Hungary by the Benedek brothers: Attila, Csaba and Árpád Benedek. Finding good quality electric guitars difficult to get in communist Hungary in the 1980s, the brothers began to make their own. Their guitars were initially used by friends but later professional players began using them. The Fibenare Guitars company was officially established in 1998 and the brothers were joined in 2004 by Gábor Goldschmidt and in 2012 by Mihály Szöllőssy.

Source: Fibenare Guitars website (11 May 2017)


Argentinian Pablo Fiorucci tried various jobs after graduation from Colego Marín. When he met luthier Julio Malarino and learned the art of instrument making, Fiorucci determined this would be his career. Pablo Fiorucci now makes and repairs electric, acoustic and resonator guitars as well as teaching instrument making.

Sorce: Pablo Fiorucci website (11 May 2017)


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