Erlewine Lazer electric guitar - front view pointing to the sky

The lazer was designed by Mark Erlewine, and first patented in 1987. It is a headless design with a cut-down body. At a total length of 31 inches, and weight of 5.5 pounds, it would make a good travel guitar. Scale length is 25.5 inches, 24 frets, with neck-though construction. Pickups are a single-coil at the neck and humbucker at the bridge. These are controlled by a volume pot, pickup selector and push-pull tone pot.

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Jazzarette is the brain child of Belgian guitarist, composer, artist and luthier Zbiggy Smith. At the moment the main Jazzarette model is a unique archtop jazz guitar, in small scale production at the moment but Zbiggy is looking for a manufacturing deal.

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