HEIT 2PL #unknown

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Picture from eBay via guitarz.blogspot.com


unknown American owner

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The Heit Deluxe 2TPL was a solid body guitar made in Japan by Teisco for sale in the USA. They were made around 1967 to 1968. The body shape is like the Hallmark swept wing model - an inverted V with a flattened tip.

Specifications were 2 "Super" pickups, heavy duty tremolo, large body, chrome tuning keys, roller bridge, a mute, and an adjustable steel truss rod. The white pickguard has melted coloured plastic pieces embedded in it. They came in either red or white finish.

According to the 1968 G&H Imports Heit trade catalog they sold at a trade price of $32 each, in packs of 6. This one sold for much more than that second hand - fetching $727 on eBay in July 2010. The picture is from G. Wilson's guitarz.blog - you can check out the article here.