• German made semi-hollow body electric guitar from the 1960s
    Hopf Saturn 63
  • Hopf Saturn 63


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  • electric guitars

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The Hopf Saturn 63 is a German made semi hollow body electric. It has two teardrop shaped sound holes in the upper part of the guitar. These sound holes are trimmed with metal, and the body also has an inset metal trim. Pickups are two single coils with adjustable pole-pieces. The maple neck is attached with 3 bolts. The arched top is spruce and the rest of the body maple.

Tuners are six in a row open geared units on a single strip. It appears to have a rosewood fingerboard with offset white dot position markers and a zero fret. It has its controls and output jack mounted on a metal plate. The output jack is a 3-pin DIN unit - typical for German guitars of this era. The clear raised scratch plate has the Hopf logo on it.

The Saturn 63 usually came in a 3 tone sunburst finish - but other colors are sometimes found. A Deluxe version had gold hardware finish. It was introduced in 1963 - I don't know how long production ran for but I would guess it was at least 1967 as this was when a bass version the Saturn Bass was released . Eastwood have reissued a model based on the Saturn 63.


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