modifying your guitar

Convert a 6 string to B standard tuning

Gary Shutt shows how to get the low 7 string sound on a normal 6 string, using B standard tuning. What you need to do is get yourself some really thick and heavy gage string like 13 through 56 or a 7 string set and just not use the 9. Once you have your strings on, you tune everything down to perfect fourths. Going from the lowest (bass) to highest strings you will have: B-E-A-D-G-B.

So both of your outer strings will be B's and they will have the same lowness and chunkiness as a 7 string without the high E string. You can play your normal 6 string chords this way.

DIY fretboard scalloping

DIY fret scalloping

This is a step-by-step guide to scalloping your fretboard. Scalloping is the removal of wood between the frets (usually from fret 14 upwards). Some players, like Yngwie Malmsteen, favour a scalloped fretboard as it is supposed to make it easier to play fast.

The tools needed are: a round file and sandpaper for wood removal and a Dremel for polishing.

Link: DIY guide to fretboard scalloping

Make a folding guitar

Hinged guitar neck

This instructable shows how to make a folding guitar. The technique of folding the neck using a hinge to the body end of the neck is not new, but this guide shows a DIY version. This guide has some interesting ideas, but I would say its still in the development stage: I can't see a mechanism to lock the unfolded neck in place. There is also a strange cylinder mechanism on the back of the neck that coils up the strings when the neck is folded, but it looks like it would get in the way when you are trying to play the guitar.

Rescue a guitar from the trash


This abused Peavey Predator strat copy was found on the curb, buried in snow. It had no electrics or pick guard and the paint was all stripped off. The body was also cracked in the bridge area.

This guide shows how this basket case was brought back form the brink, with a new paint job and electronics. It is a good lesson in recycling rather than throwing stuff away.

Link: Peavey predator trash resurrection

Change a cheap guitar into a Steinberger style travel guitar

chopped up guitar

This project shows how a guy modified a cheap yard-sale guitar into a travel guitar. He sawed off most of the body and the head-stock and put the machine heads behind the bridge. Unfortunately the finished product does not balance properly like a Steinberger , the neck falls down if you let go of it. Maybe some weight could be added to the body?

Here is the link to the project

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