Make a custom fuzz face

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This is a PCB (printed circuit board) layout for designed for fuzz face effects unit. The circuit is designed so you can tweak the cicuit to get different tones. It uses sockets you can easily swap components in and out of your fuzz face.

Using this circuit the designer claims you will be able to make the following fuzz face variations:

  • Basic Fuzz Face (with R.G. Keen Mods, Roger Mayer Mods, Fuller Mods)
  • Vox Tone Bender 5/67
  •’s Sili-Faces
  •’s Axis Face Germanium and Silicon
  • Joe Gagan’s Easy Face
  • Aron Nelson’s Hornet
  • the Gus Fuzz Face
  • Tim Escobedo’s Many Faces
  • the Boutique Fuzz
  • the Miss Piggy

The project also provides a spreadsheet outlining the differences between each of these fuzz face designs.

Link: Make a tweakable fuzz face