Make a cigar box guitar and amplifier

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This pdf file from Make magazine shows you how to make a three string cigar box guitar and matching amplifier. At an estimated cost of $15 to $30 this project uses no standard guitar parts: for example the machine heads are eye bolts and the frets are filed down nails held on with rubber bands. You could substitute some of the parts for real guitar components if you want to make a luxury version.

Tools required
Pen, pencil, or markers
Drill and drill bits
Phillips screwdriver
Soldering iron, solder, and wire

Materials needed:
Cigar box
Mason twine, #15 and/or #18 (available at hardware stores)
¼” x 3” eyebolts, with nuts and washers (3)
#12 x 1” Phillips wood screws (3)
3’ length of 1”x2” red oak
¼” square hardwood stock, at least 1½” long (3)
Super glue
90-second epoxy (or 5-minute epoxy, for a little more positioning time)
¼” washers (6)
¼” wing nuts (3)
2” common nails
3½” x 1” (size 33) rubber bands
1500-3000Hz piezoelectric transducer (Radio Shack #273-073A)
6’ long, two conductor, shielded cable
Cassette player

Estimated cost: $15-30

Link: Cigar box guitar and amplifier project


Cigar box guitar headstock with bolt tuners