Make a guitar or bass pickup

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Ever fancied making your own guitar or bass pickup? All you need is a spool of thin insulated copper wire (around 42 gauge) two popsicle sticks, some neodymium magnets (2 for each string) and some Gorilla Glue. When you have finished it you will need to dip it in melted wax.

Here's the original project posted by Sam Garfield over at DIY:happy.

One source for neodymium magnets is

Other points to remember when making your pickup. When you are potting the pickup in melted wax, don't have it too hot or it will melt the insulation wire (or try using epoxy potting compound instead). Some DIY pickup makers have used a record turn-table as a winding machine - mount the pickup in the middle and have your wire on a freely spinning spool.