Make a hand powered pickup winder

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This is a clever DIY pickup winder design by Niels Kaagaard. It uses a fishing reel to spin the bobbin. It is hand powered, so carbon emissions are limited to your exhaled breath as you wind it furiously.

It's missing a traverse mechanism at the moment, however, you can see that the wire is not layed down evenly. I would run a belt from the reel to power a cam traversing mechanism.

Link: Fishing reel pickup winder




It works !

In the first few attempts, the Wire was a bit un-even.
I have winded three pickups on the Rig now and adjusted the tension a bit. I am able to wind 7000 turns in about an Hour or so and with a little care it becomes much more even.
I just didnĀ“t see any reason to make a complicated, motorized Winder when all I need is a few Pickups now and then.

- Niels Kaagaard
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Just a though but here is an

Just a though but here is an idea.... you 'could' buy a few more spools of wire... set up a few more rigs like this one in from of the current spool and still just need one fishing rod reel to turn the wire... also if you set the a spool holders on the other side of this one you could do a revise would bobbin at the same time...

again just a though but worth looking into...

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here's an idea..

take the handle off and put the chuck of an electric drill on the shaft.. yes, I'm lazy ;)