Record player pickup winder and unwinder

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This is a home made pickup unwinder made by Bill Crozier, after he was unsatisfied with the sound of his Tex Mex pickup. He designed a pickup unwinder to unwind the pickup wire onto a reel, and then used the same setup to scatter rewind the pickup. He mounted the pickup on a rotating Lazy Susan, and the wire take-up spool on a record player.

He soony found that unwinding the pickup was difficult.  Its oblong shape caused
variable tension in the wire, causing it to snap frequently.  He rigged up a
tensioning arm (dancer arm) made from erector set pieces, fishing line, and a 1/4" phone plug as
tensioning weight. It is very difficult to reuse the wire from unwound pickups, much easier to use new wire.

Link: Homemade pickup winder and unwinder


Record player pickup winder