Rescue a guitar from the trash

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This abused Peavey Predator strat copy was found on the curb, buried in snow. It had no electrics or pick guard and the paint was all stripped off. The body was also cracked in the bridge area.

This guide shows how this basket case was brought back form the brink, with a new paint job and electronics. It is a good lesson in recycling rather than throwing stuff away.

Link: Peavey predator trash resurrection




trash guitars.

I worked at a landfill for 3 1/2 years. In that time you have no idea how many guitars I rescued and how many were so busted up they were to late to rescue. I gave them all away to people who would fix them up. Mostly the guy who runs the music store in our small town. Also found a saxaphone, trumpet, coronet, tons of music and other music instruments. The two neatest guitars I found, one was a 12 string, made by a company in Germany. Totally cool laminated wood body, I picked it up out of the trash and it was still in tune, all I had to do was clean it up a bit. looked like new. The other was a solid body electric. I can't remember the model name, but it was made by mongomery ward, kinda old looking. Showed it to the music store owner. He said "I have to have that!" So I gave it to him. He fixed it up like new and since then I even got to play it. Sounded good. Too bad there isn't some way to get these music instrument throwing away people to give these guitars and instruments to people who would care for them or collectors.


How can I get some of these guitars from you? my email address for the present is [email protected]
You must live in or near New Orleans? Thanks


Hi! I’m interested to check out these guitars. I have always had a thing for the Peavey Predator. This was in fact my first electric guitar. How can someone throw away a Peavey Predator? Quite disappointing to know that! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ryan Murphy