How to remember effects pedal settings

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This tip comes from Tim Lillis an artist who does a "Tricks of the Trade" comic in each issue of MAKE magazine. He's sharing some of these tricks of the trade comics on his Flickr pages.

Tim has a tip for remembering the different settings for your guitar effects pedals for different songs. Make a template of the pedal's control area out of thin plastic or card. Cut out holes for the knobs and led's. Write the song name and control positions on the template with a permanent marker. You could organise the templates according to their position in the setlist and keep them on a keyring.

I think this would work in a recording or rehearsal situation, but could be a bit cumbersome when playing live.
Link: Tim Lillis, Tricks of the Trade


Guitar effects template helper

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A less cumbersome solution is

A less cumbersome solution is to make pointers out of different color tape and sticking it next to each knob.  One color for each song.