YAMAHA SA-2000 #unknown

Made in 1979. Bought brand new at Red and Black music store in Boise, ID. Only had two owners - but was gifted back to the original owner (my Dad) and then passed down to me. 

Anyone with information on the pickups in these beasts, please email me!


Darkmoon Pickups was established in 2010 by the current master winder and owner Mark V. For the first six years the company released products solely for independent guitar builders and luthiers. Following an expansion in 2016, Darkmoon began selling to the public and released their signature humbuckers. Divided into Vintage and Black Arts series, the signature line covers a very wide range of music styles from blues and jazz to heavy metal. Aside from guitar pickups, Darkmoon also offers guitar wiring harnesses, instrument cables, and custom pickguards.  The company has introduced a large variety of custom cosmetic options such as real mother of pearl or celluloid inlays, gold foils and engraved humbucker covers.

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