• Ibanez Axstar AXB 50 bass guitar
    Ibanez Axstar AXB 50 bass guitar


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Although the Ibanez AXB 50 is a headless bass the neck extends just enough beyond the nut to give the familiar feel. It has a 24 fret rosewood fingerboard, maple neck with a glossy finish to match the body.The electronics feature two humbucking pickups with a balance control to blend them to create your own sound.

This exciting new addition to the Axstar line is designed with the modern bassist in mind. Striking visually and exceptionally playable, the AXB50 base is truly an instrument built for the demands of today’s music. Careful craftsmanship and close tolerance machining combine in an instrument of outstanding value.

PICKUPS: Specially developed hum-cancelling design with black molded cover. Bar magnet construction insures balanced string to string response, designed to deliver an even, full tone at any volume level.

BRIDGE: Precision machined tuning knobs smoothly raise or lower pitch without slipping or binding. Tailpiece mass has been carefully calculated for maximum sustain and elimination of resonant and dead notes. The mounting angle of the bridge provides even string tension for consistent right hand response.

BODY AND NECK: Three ply maple neck with rosewood fingerboard balances comfortably with the lightweight basswood body to make the AXB50 a pleasure to play, even for extended periods.

Features: basswood body, rosewood finger board, headless type bridge, black hardware, two humbucking pickups, one volume control, one tone control, one balancer control. Finish options black and metallic red.

Source: Ibanez Axstar catalog 1985


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1990$200goodWould love to know the dollar value now. Not that I want to sell it, just interested as there are not many about.
1986$3000goodsebastianquisiera saber el precio
1985$500goodAaron Dad bought the bass back in '85 and barely played it. Wondering how much it'd be worth.

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I had one of these from 1988 till 1997. I loved it! For $400. ($300. & change rounded up) brand new, she was a better than expected alternative for the costly & coveted Steinburger at the time. This thing fell down a flight of stairs in my Bronx apartment and stayed in tune!!! It was in its hard case, of course. This bass withstood me slamming it onto a car hood like it was a baseball bat...and stayed fully functional!!! I really like how fun she (my AXB50 "blackie" ) was to play! Smart body design. Loved the unique tuners, & changing strings was a breeze. Unlike with any other bass, I could bend the neck to touch strings with frettboard & it would spring back to STAY IN TUNE!!!

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