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IBANEZ began making the CTB3 in 1992


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1997£200wornPurchased with rusty strings and gaffa tape holding the back plate in place. Cleaned up well and has served me well for 17 years. Excellent solid bass.

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IBANEZ CTB3 reviewed by Joseph

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Very comfortable to play, great sound, built only in 1992 its a solid piece for rock music but not only. Many years of good service.. a great bass

IBANEZ CTB3 reviewed by Anonymous

Average: 4 (1 vote)
I purchased an ibanez cbt3 in black second hand back in 1997. The ctb3 has a solid body with bolt on neck, PJ pickups and active cuircuitry. The ct series was the forerunner for the ibanez soundgear basses and considered by some to be slightly better. The guitar is now 22 years old and has had a few bits of work done to keep it in good condition. This is a great bass with a wide range of sound. Very comfortable to play. The durability is second to none. This has been my main bass for 17 years and has been dropped and abused ALOT and rarely even needs tuning.

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