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Ibanez 754M Jumbo acoustic guitar advert

This Ibanez ad from 1973 features the 754M Jumbo acoustic guitar. This model had maple back and sides and spruce top - some came with gold-plated machine heads. The double scratchplates, adjustable rosewood bridge and star inlays suggest the 754M was influenced by the Gibson Everly Brothers flat top model. The 754S was slightly cheaper and came with mahogany back and sides (the 1974 Ibanez catalog calls it the 754 model).

A most handsome new guitar with a powerful resonant tone and excellent sustaining qualities. Slim low action neck with adjustable truss rod and bound fingerboard with star shaped inlays. Chrome plated machine heads. Large pickguard on either side of the sound hole. 20 frets. 16.25" wide, 20.25" long, 4.375" deep, 25.5" scale. 


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ibanez 754

I bought in 1974 a 754 which stills stands in perfect conditions. I just installed in it a Fishman Ellipse Matrix Blend pickup, and it sounds better than any US$10000 Gibson!  I actually own 19 guitars (Gibsons, Fenders, Ovation, Yamaha, Martin, Schecter and Hagstrom) and in my concept this guitar doesn't deserve to be qualified as an oldie or vintage. The perfect condition and maturation of its woods makes it a great choice for an upgrade.