Ibanez Super 80 humbuckers 1977

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Ibanez Super 80 humbuckers 1977 advert

This 1977 advert for Ibanez Super Humbuckers came at a time when high output humbuckers which could overdrive amplifiers were growing in popularity.  The ad compares the voltage generated by the Super 80 to Gibson and DiMarzio PAF humbuckers. These Ibanez Super 80 humbucking pickups were launched in 1976. They were available with chrome plated (model #2680-80) or gold-plated (model #2680-81) covers which were stamped with a hand/butterfly "Flying Finger" logo:

AMAZING! It’s amazing that every pickup manufacturer has the “hottest","most sensitive", “unmatched” and, in short, the world’s greatest pickup. Here’s our amazing story. The photos on the left are actual oscilloscope plots of the energy output of an Ibanez Artist pickup, a Gibson humbucking and a Di-Marzio PAF. As you can see, the Ibanez pickup is hotter. Of course, output isn’t everything, but we believe our pickups to be clean and brilliant with excellent presence and sustain. So let your ears be your guide. Ibanez Super 80 pickups are now fitted as standard on all Ibanez “Artist" and "Professional" electric guitars. Hear them today at your Ibanez Dealer.