Ibanez Artwood Ad 1980

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Ibanez Artwood Series Advert 1980

This Ibanez Artwood ad from 1980 reads:

The Ibanez Artwoods ~ Our Art - Nature's Wood.

Art in wood — for those who appreciate the finest in an acoustic instrument. Each Ibanez Artwood is made from the most select guitar making woods available anywhere. And it’s built by some of the world’s most talented and meticulous luthiers. 

An Ibanez Artwood is an instrument that is unmatched in its richness of tone and projection, plays like a dream and is flawless in   finish and detail. Scalloped Bracing for a rich, pure tone. The lush sound of an Artwood originates with the hand- scalloped bracing of the solid spruce soundboard (most models use only select German Spruce). This contouring increases the volume and enriches the tone giving the Artwood a bold yet pure voice.

Another example of Ibanez Artwood craftsmanship is the unique inlaid rosewood pick guard. It vibrates naturally with the soundboard and won’t ever warp, lift or bubble. We could go on telling you about the many features of an Artwood, but all that won’t mean a thing until you go down to your Ibanez dealer and try one for yourself. 

That’s what Ian Matthews and Dan Dugmore did - they chose Artwoods on the spot. See what wonderful things happen when man’s finest craftsmanship meets nature’s finest materials an Ibanez Artwood.

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