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  • JMG Ukulele
    JMG Ukulele
  • JMG Ukulele patent 2869/46
    JMG Ukulele patent 2869/46


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  • ukuleles

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1948 to 1959

The JMG Ukulele was introduced after World War II when Les O'Connell and Jack Maskiell established the JMG Company in Perth Australia. Les and Jack had both been prisoners of war in Changi Prison in Singapore. During their time in the prison they had carved a ukulele from scrap wood. In 1948 Les O'Connell got a patent for his ukulele design (these ukes are labelled 'MADE IN AUSTRALIA BY JMG INSTRUMENTS, PATENT PENDING 2869/46') , and the sides of the instrument were glued into a groove routed into the top and back -patent 2869/46. This means the tops and back of the JMG uke had an overhang somewhat like a violin. JMG sold their ukes in Australia and South-East Asia, and by 1950 JMG had sold 3000 ukuleles and 700 guitars. JMG ceased trading in 1959.

Specifications (6)


Finish colorsnatural finish
Made inAustralia
Number of strings4 strings


Body shape featurescarved top
Soundholeround soundhole


Number of frets12 fret

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1988$80goodpepei would like to know what it is worth now please
1949£4newberard webb
1947$150goodPepe In excellent condition
1947$150goodPepe In excellent condition
2018$1goodFound at garage sale.
2018$157goodIan David
2018$100goodBrendon Above sverage with case
2018$157goodMulgawireSweet to play, made to last.
2018$2000.00goodBanjo LlamaThe JMG uke i have is serial number 001. I recieved it as a gift from a customer its obviously early construction and it still plays and sounds very nice. Would never part with it.
2017$100.00goodGavin HunterIt's priceless to me for the history and spirit this instrument represents. If an Australian museum was interested and contacted me I would be happy to consider options. This should be on display for the public to appreciate.

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JMG Ukulele reviewed by Banjo Llama

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The design is unique being made like a Violin using curved solid timber formed to shape and using a groove around the edge of top and bottom the sides fit and make a strong functional instrument. I love this little uke it's pure joy to play and the story behind its creation is worthy of a block buster movie . Fairdinkum would be a fitting title.

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Playing JMG Uke

Mine plays well after cleaning and restringing I also put on period correct friction tuners which hold tune well. Its a joy to play a piece of history like this uke.