Magnatone Mark III Deluxe

  • Magnatone Mark III Deluxe
  • Magnatone Mark III Deluxe


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  • electric guitars

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1956 to 1958

MAGNATONE MARK III DELUXE specifications: Similar to the MAGNATONE MARK III Standard, except the Deluxe model has two pickups – and a pickup selector switch. The deluxe model was finished in natural mahogany MACHINE HEADS Enclosed “Safeti-String Post” Machine Heads. Three-a-side configuration. NUT: Special Guitar Nut for greater response. FRETBOARD: Accurate professional fretboard with fast action frets and seven position dots. NECK: Exclusive Magnatone steel cantilever suspension in neck. Specially designed fast action neck, made of selected Honduras Mahogany. BODY Contoured body for player’s comfort. The full cutaway body measures 15-1/8 inches in length., 11-1/8 inches in width, and is 1-¾ inches deep which enables the player to reach difficult positions easily. The body is made of light weight hardwood for ease of handling and balance, finished in natural mahogany. PICKUPS: Two completely adjustable on fully shielded pick-ups, with Alnico VI magnets. BRIDGE: Magnatone’s exclusive Perfecto-Tuned Offset Bridge for perfect intonation and harmonics, made from beryllium copper. The fully enclosed bridge is completely adjustable four ways to suit the individual player's demands. CONTROLS: Straight linear volume and tone control with Magna- tone's super-sensitive pick-up enables a complete tone color. Pickup selector switch (either or both pickups). SOURCE: Magnatone catalog 1956.


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1957$600newBOBFOR SALE
1970$500.00goodj.p.Love the mag play like a fender tele with is on sound.

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