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My CNC winder needs 2 stepper motor drivers: the original Egg-bot has an integrated EiBotBoard which can easily control 2 stepper motors (plus lots of servos). But in initial tests I was unable to get the EiBotBoard from my Egg-Bot to spin the motors fast enough, and I also wanted to use limit switches and wire-break and emergency stop switches. I'm sure the EiBotBoard could accomplish all this, but I would need to reprogram its firmware (an interesting project but I'd like to finish this one first!).

Instead of using the EiBotBoard I've opted to used two of Brian Schmaltz's easydriver stepper drivers, connected to a PC parallel port via a CNC4PC C-10 breakout board. The whole thing will controlled by the opensource machine control software EMC2.

For fun I connected the EiBotBoard and Egg-Bot pen holder to the machine and tried plotting on a cylinder from Inkscape using the Egg-Bot extension. If you made the linear traverse unit tiltable you could also plot on cones.


coil winder

Hi remember me, you emailed me the dxf files for your coil winder. Everything is working nicely except the printing is realy sqashed as flat as a pan cake. I have used a 1=1 ratio , so I do not know what is wrong. I would appreciate any help with this problem. My email address is still [email protected] Thank you
very much Mannetjie

Aspect Ratio

Its great that everything is working. I had the exact same issue when I used the Egg-Bot control software. This is because it takes 3200 steps per revolution of the object - the distance travelled per step on the rotary motor is (PI*Diameter-of-object)/3200, you have to match this distance to the distance per step on the pen motor. You can accomplish this by adjusting the aspect ratio of the image in Inkscape.