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  • Martin 000C-16


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  • acoustic guitars

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1990 to 1995

MARTIN made the 000C-16 between 1990 and 1995. It was the single rounded cutaway, oval soundhole version of the 000-16. The similar named Martin  000C-16T has a round soundhole - not oval as on this model. This oval soundhole means that there is extra room for frets and the 000C-16 has 22 of them. This was a great sounding and playing guitar but the non-traditional look of the 000C-16 did not appeal to most Martin enthusiasts and relatively few were produced. This model was discontinued in 1995 when Martin changed the construction of the 16 series using new technology mortice and tenon neck joints - unlike the dovetail joint used on the 000C-16.

Specifications (13)


Bindingtortoiseshell binding
Made inUSA
Number of strings6 strings


Body back materialmahogany body back
Body shape featuressingle cutaway
Body sides materialmahogany body sides
Body stylegrand auditorium style
Body top materialsitka spruce body top
Pickguard materialtortoiseshell pickguard
Soundholeoval soundhole


Bridgerosewood bridge


Neck jointDovetail joint
Number of frets22 fret

Prices (8)

1992$1399newI bought this guitar new from Rockley Music in Lakewood, CO in 1992. It is a 1991 model. This little guitar has aged very, very nicely. The oval sound hole makes it unique now, since they are very rare. It has a wonderful delicate sound. It is a finger picker's dream. It has an active EMG bridge transducer. I usually run it through a direct box and into the PA. When properly EQ'd it is a dream to listen to.
1992$1067.50newTommy D.This guitar records great and plays like a dream.
1993$2300excellentBrendaI need to sell it. maybe 10 years ago it developed blisters around the end, I assume because of heat stress to whatever it was coated with.
1993kr1100wornSven Åge Arnøythe guitar has a warm distinkt bass and playability is excellent. Soundcontrin in the sound hole.

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