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    Martin F-65
  • 1962 Martin F-65 front
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  • electric guitars

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1962 to 1965

The Martin F-65 was made between 1962 and 1965 with around 566 made in total. The Martin F-65 was a double cutaway version of the Martin F-50 and featured a Bigsby style vibrato tailpiece, 2 DeArmond pickups, 2 volume and 2 tone controls.

According to the contributor of the photos:

"The Martin F-65 is easily one of the rarest and most beautiful guitars you will ever lay your eyes on. This particular example is more rare than most, as later models did not have the killer Bigsby vibrato and bridge, and the sunburst was lighter and redder. This is the only one I have even seen, and I have seen one photo of another in this color.  I have been informed that the color was called “Tobacco Sunburst”, but have never been able to verify this.  It is absolutely original and in remarkable condition for a fourty-seven year-old guitar.  Guaranteed to make most every breathing player smile.  Love Martin electrics or hate them, they always cause excitement.  The feature set includes twin DeArmond coil pickups; Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard;  two each volume and tone control knobs; three-way switch; and double cutaway Maple plywood archtop hollowbody with “f” holes.   Generally considered more desirable than the similar single cutaway F-55. "

Specifications (22)


Controls materialblack controls
Number of control knobs4 control knobs
Pickup selector controls3-way selector switch
Tone controls2 tone controls
Volume controls2 volume controls


Pickups brand and modelDeArmond Dynasonic pickup(s)
Pickups configuration2 single coil pickups


Finish effectssunburst finish
Made inUSA
Number of strings6 strings


Body materialplywood body
Body shape featuresdouble cutaway
Hollow bodysemi-hollow body
Pickguard shaperaised pickguard
Soundhole2 f-holes


Fingerboard materialrosewood fingerboard
Fingerboard position markersdot fingerboard position markers


Hardware colorchrome hardware
TailpieceBigsby Vibrato tailpiece, trapeze tailpiece


Neck materialmahogany neck
Number of frets20 fret
Tuner layoutthree-each-side

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MARTIN F-65 reviewed by Dan Oliveira

Average: 5 (1 vote)
I have a Martin F65 Guitar like the one pictured and Have Had it since 1978 . I bought it off a friend that is now gone that really enjoyed it. It is not for sale. I plan to pass it on to my son and hope he will enjoy it like I have.

MARTIN F-65 reviewed by Andy Wellman

Average: 5 (1 vote)
I purchased an f65 on lay away used in 1995 from a local music store. Its in very good condition and I currently play it daily. Its a super nice playing guitar and has great tone. I got lucky when I payed $600 for it back then, and I'm never letting it go. I used 11's round wound for strings, its super smooth and an easy player. Buy one if you can find one, and good luck. It needs new fretting soon and I am going to 11 flat wounds. I just like letting notes ring and listening to them until they die, its that nice of a sound. Way better guitar, than I am a player.

MARTIN F-65 reviewed by rw

Average: 5 (1 vote)
I found a 1964 model in a pawn shop in a small Ohio town in 2012. It needed some work (neck reset, electrical clean-up, bridge adjustment) but plays like a champ now. I'm a big Martin fan and this electric plays as smoothly and clearly as my HD28 with similar neck feel. It's solid, collectible, and playable as well... I love it. Not many of these treasures left... not many were made! If you find one for sale, get it.

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martin f-65

I owned and photographed this particular example of the elegant Martin F-65 in 2009.  I took it to Anchorage, Alaska when I went to visit my mom in the fall of that year, and it caused quite a sensation with the players in the Great White North.  I sold this on eBay to a sterling gentleman in Texas who already owned all but two of the five or so models of electric Martins ever produced.  I was sad to let it go, but pleased that it went to such a deserving collector.  He paid me something like $2400.  In my opinion, this is probably the most undervalued electric guitar you can actually get your hands on --- occasionally.  If I have the opportunity to acquire another I will. 


I have a 1962 Martin F65 with Bigsby and DeArmonds, no case.  If interested, email [email protected]  I was told it once belonged to Johnny Guitar Watson but there is no real good way to verify that. 

Martin F65

I have a pristine F65 that my dad bought from Frank Martin in late 1960 it's serial number 180685 in a standard sunburst. I do agree it is a beautiful guitar

The number of F-65s stated (1

The number of F-65s stated (1,825) on this page is incorrect.  There were 566 F-65s built from 1961-1965.  Maybe the author mistakenly used the total number of F series built by Martin?  Even that number is lower as there were 1,750 F serires built from 1961-1965.  Here is the breakdown by model, by year:

F-50 (1961-1965): 15 - 201 - 125 - 177 - 1 = 519 F-50s

F-55 (1961-1965): 15 - 325 - 125 - 150 - 50 = 665 F-55s

F-65 (1961-1965): 15 - 250 - 101 - 125 - 75 = 566 F-65s

I hope that clears up some of the confusion regarding this classic guitar series!