MARTIN D-1 (1 Series) #531469

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My D1 was one of the first made, in the very first batch of modern US made D1 Martins; hence the 1992 serial number. Martin's attention to detail on this Guitar is impeccable and the sound is amazing. LOUD! It plays like butter and it's set up for 12s (usually Elixir strings). I add my Seymour Duncan Woody or a Lawrence to the sound-hole if I ever want to plug it in; keeping it all 100% factory original. This was a Christmas gift from my wife, and of course I'd never part with it. The US made D1's are true keepers. You could never do better for the price.

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My Martin D-1

Also a present from a girl, my D-1 has never let me down through 30 years of good, and sometimes hard roads. It’s a little older than yours at serial number 529422. I played this and several other more expensive Martins that day at Durdel’s in Toledo. After a couple of hours I walked out with this one.