Koen van der Meij founded VanderMeij Guitars in 2013 after years of playing guitar and graduating in woodworking and furniture making. Since 2015, he has been crafting his instruments in his workshop in Amsterdam. With VanderMeij Guitars, he aims to create perfection in looks, tone and playability to provide the modern guitarist with the best. The VanderMeij Magistra is popular mostly among heavy metal players and Koen specializes in multi-scale and extended range guitars including 6, 7 and 8-string guitars. Koen works closely with professional touring guitarists to improve every aspect of his guitars.


Patrick Gigliotti creates his instruments in collaboration with USA Custom Guitars. Gigliotti guitars have a brass or aluminium plate top insert, finished in a custom pattern. this lets the guitar top resonate like an acoustic. This metal top is cut with a water-jet then set into a body with wooden back and sides (mahogany or swamp ash). The guitars are finished by Graphite Guitars using polyester base coat with polyurethane color and top coats. The body designs are either strat or tele shaped.



The birdfish is an extrodinary instrument, representing a fresh look a guitar design. It is perhaps one of the most adjustable designs out there, you can tweak almost anything about the design: the components are bolted onto a central metal frame and can easily be swapped. On this guitar you can change the pickups without even having to take the strings off!

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Palm muting

Palm muting is a common technique in rock guitar playing. Resting the side of your palm on the guitar bridge gives a percussive quality to distorted chords. The trick is using just the right amount of palm pressure: too much and you wont get any sound, too little and you will loose the chunkiness.

Have a look at this video from Gary Schutt . Gary has a degree in songwriting from the Berklee College of Music and has written over 150 songs, has 5 CD's, and 1 DVD currently available.


Gittler electric guitar

The original Gittler guitars, sometimes called the Fishbone models, are minimalist instruments made from stainless steel. Gittler made exactly 60 when living in New York. The patent for this design was filed on December 3rd 1976, although Gittler had been working on prototypes throught the 1970s.

Forty of them were sold through the mail, and the remaining 20 from Gittler's apartment on the Lower East Side, where Andy Summers (the Police guitarist) bought his.

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