First Act: Garage Master guitar

As part of Volkswagen's latest US marketing campain, drivers buying a new VW car between Oct. 3 and Dec. 31 will get a First Act GarageMaster guitar, which can play through the audio system of select VW models. The video is the Slash VW commerical from YouTube.

Would people really go for this? Buying a car for $15000 because you want the bundled guitar is like buying an airline ticket just to eat the free peanuts. At guitar-list we say spend the $15000 on guitars and take the bus instead.

Maybe this is the just start of instrument - vehicle match-ups. Here are some others:

  • Fender and Ford, two pioneers of production line technology
  • Gibson and Harley Davidson, both classic American brands
  • Yamaha and Yamaha, they make both guitars and motorcycles, why not keep it in-house?

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