Nashville Straights - strings in long packets

The unique selling point of Nashville Straights strings was that they came uncoiled in long packages. This is a Nashville Straights advert from 1977 which outlines the benefits of uncoiled strings:

Until now, all guitar strings came coiled up in square envelopes. Unfortunately, coiling a sensitive, finely wound guitar string can bend and damage the precision windings, making the string sound less than perfect. Nashville Straights, the first guitar strings sold straight, are made of the finest nickel and bronze alloys. Inside this long, rigid package, the string set is hermetically sealed in plastic to prevent oxidation and promote brilliance and long life. String up a set of Nashville Stralghts and hear the difference, They‘re resonant, uncrashy, loud and together.

I think the extra problems of storing, shipping and displaying strings in these long packages might have cancelled out the benefits.

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Anyone who ever used these

Anyone who ever used these strings knows how good they sound - used them on my vintage Mansfield accoustic and just picked up a set unopened.  Can't wait to get them on my instrument

Nashville Straights

I used nothing but these strings back in the day...wish I could get my hands on some if anybody knows of any for sale anywhere???

Nashville Straights Guitar Strings

Hi:  I live in Toronto, Ontario , Canada and I have 2 sets of these strings New in original cardboard sleeves.    They are model XL-1400 Extra Light.  If you are interested give me your best offer. My e-mail address is [email protected]

Regards,  Paul

Nashville Straights

Thanks Paul...I'm really enjoying the sound of these strings on my vintage Yamaki


I had a Yamaki 12 string back in the day, stolen before I ever got my hands on Straights. Still miss that guitar.

Nashville straights

I have 3 of them brand new in the box .(1) 12 string , (2) long scale ...

Still have them?

I'd be interested in some if I could afford your price. Email me if you still have any. Thanks! [email protected]

nashville straights

I have eighteen boxes of nashville straights in the original packaging. If interested you can email me at von56@q,com

Nashville Straights Guitar Strings

Heck yeah!

Best Damn strings I ever usedI  

A smooth mellow sound that made my acoustic sound so good!

Only strings I ever used till they quit making them, then back to the buzz, ole metallic sound!

nashville straights

I also used them when playing 5 hours per night, 6 nights per week. They lasted forever and made my les paul with p90's sound like a strat! I sure do miss them. I am now using ernie ball cobalt. They also last forever and sound great!

Nashville Straights

For a long while I used these exclusively on my Grammer guitar. Best sound ever. I bought them by the dozen and changed them often. It took a couple of days to break them in, then I'd have that rich sound.

As far as I know, they were GHS strings that NS bought uncoiled from the factory. The idea was that leaving the wound strings coiled in a small package tended to flatten the string windings on one side, reducing the vibrating quality of the string. The same strings from GHS, coiled in the package, didn't measure up. Maybe it was true, maybe it was hype, but my Grammer has never sounded quite as good since NS went off the market.

Nashville Straights

I live in London. I used them on my Gibson J45. Around 1978. They recorded and sounded the business

Nashville Straights

I used Nashville Straights on my 12 in the 70s. They had the best tone of any other string that I had ever used. I wished that they were still available.

nashville straights

I have several boxes in the original packages you can contact me at email  von56@q,com

Nashville Straights

I used these strings as long as they were available.  Would use them today!


Nashville straights

I have a display from the oldest music store in canada, Wilson and lee . Thanks, I didn't know what it was for

Buy straights now

Can I still order nashville straights?