Stunt guitarist

Nineteen year old Swansea guitarist Daniel Robert Angelo should have expected the unusual when he applied for a job as a guitarist in the Circus of Horrors. He later found out that part of the job required him to play upside down while rolling around in a giant wheel. Daniel, a professional guitarist for four years, took it in his stride and soon learned the wheel performance technique from expert Aerialist Denis Remnev. Remnev himself performed the wheel stunt as part of Take That's 2009 Circus tour.

The Circus of Horrors performance group started more than 15 years ago at the Glastonbury Festival, and is now touring the theatres of Britain with a stage show. That's one way to practice your chord inversions!

Songs to play while upside down: a rush of blood to the head - Coldplay, dancing on the ceiling - Lionel Ritchie...

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