Surfboard Guitar Display

For the surfing guitarist Fender are selling fancy surfboard guitar hangers. They sell for $949 and you can get them in red or green. Fender claim these displays strike the perfect balance of form and function‚ that's a bit wide of the mark since the only functional part is the $9 hook!.

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Surfboard display

I have had this same stand for a decade, and it is cool, and promotes the Fender surf guitar vibe. I am a surfer and can assure you if you take out the string swing hanger, the board is fully functional. I also can tell you that I have put a second string swing on the back of my stand to display a white against the red, and the front displays a red or a black strat. The display is cool ,and there were less than 250 made, ever. SO hold on and it should be worth a lot of $ , as a collectors item.