OVATION Ultra Deluxe 12 Electric (Model 1515-D)


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  • acoustic guitars

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1985 to 1995

OVATION made the Ultra Deluxe 12 Electric (Model 1515-D) between 1985 and 1995. Like the other Ultra Deluxe models, the 1515D has a solid spruce top with a two piece mahogany neck. It has on-board OP-24Plus electronics, and a 20-fret bound rosewood fingerboard. The 1515D has 12 strings, piezo bridge pickups, 4-band equalizer and preamp. It was available in black or natural finish.


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2015$150wornHadn't been played in 10 years. Hopefully, if the battery leaked, I can clean up the holder. Neck was good. Action pretty good. Top raised slightly. A couple of cracks in the top and a couple of worn frets,some relatively minor dings. price included soft case.

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