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It was a double cut-away set neck guitar, with Les Paul style hardware. This was Ovations take on improving the Les Paul. The deviations (improvements?) from the Les Paul design were the double cut-away body and the blended neck heel.

The body was mahogany with maple veneer top. The 22 fret neck was mahogany with pearloid block inlays. Both the neck and the body were bound. The pickups and controls have the Les Paul configuration. the pickups themselves are 2 DiMarzio DP-104 Super-2 humbuckers. hardware was chrome and made by Schaller or Grover. Neck and body were made to high specifications in Korea, while the parts were assembled in the USA.

Towards the end of production some otherwise identical examples were branded as "Applause" for reasons known ownly to Ovation.

The original list price was $399, but relatively few were made, certainly less than 1000, meaning good second hand value. In recent years, the fact that Josh Homme of the band Queens Of The Stone Age played the Ovation Ultra GP, has lead to a increase in popularity for the model.

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1983$399newguitar-listRecommended retail price from Ovation catalog.

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